Why Your Voice Matters

With the total number of titles in the App Store now nearing 1 million, it’s more than a safe bet there are numerous variations of apps that do essentially the same things. For simple proof, I just searched for “to-do list” apps and found 2,144. If I were a developer aspiring to create such an app, I could easily become discouraged, figuring that there couldn’t possibly be any room for another one. But I would be wrong.

MusicTools Metronome - coming Real Soon Now

No matter what trade or industry you work in, there really aren’t any new ideas. Rarely will you be first in line with an idea that someone else hasn’t already had. But I’d like to suggest that it doesn’t matter one iota. Why? Because while your idea may not be new, no one can bring it to life exactly the way you can. No one has the unique set of skills, abilities, and particular way of executing an idea that you do. And if you don’t take action and make it happen, we all lose.

The reason there’s room for over 2,000 to-do apps is because no two given people have exactly the same preferences on how such an app should work. Certain styles and workflows appeal to certain kinds of people and not others. And so it is with the work you do – dare I call it the art you create. You have a unique way of doing and saying things that appeal to a certain audience, and if you don’t do the work that only you can deliver, that audience, your audience, misses out.

It’s often been said that actions speak louder than words, so with along with these words, I’m sharing with you a glimpse of my own recent actions in the picture above. Yet another metronome app coming to the App Store Real Soon Now. Sure there are quite a few already in the store, but it doesn’t matter. My version will appeal to some number of people who have been waiting for a metronome with my particular twist on it to come along. And that’s what it’s all about really – being of service and helping other people get what they’re looking for.

I don’t know what is that you love to do, but I do know that we all need you to do it. Your voice matters. If you don’t “say it” in the work you do, then it won’t get said. Bring us your art. Your audience is waiting!

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