Presenter’s Manifesto: Last Slide

The Presenter’s Manifesto series was born out of literally hundreds of bad experiences I’ve had as either a presenter or an audience member. The technical issues I’ve encountered are legion, and the presenter malpractice I’ve been subjected to has been so egregious and so maddening that I thought I could easily come up with 25 tips to improve things for both myself and the audience world in general.

King Kong

I was mistaken.

At this point, I have run out of steam. With 13 Tips out on the table, I’ve gotten the biggest issues off my chest and achieved a level of peace. I feel no compulsion to continue. If you were subscribed here just for this series, it is probably time to unsubscribe, but I do hope I was of help to you, and I do hope you stay.

Time to get back to making technology easy to understand and useful.

This is the last post of the series “The Presenter’s Manifesto”.  You can find the beginning of the series here: Presenter’s Manifesto – Prologue