iPad Air Quick Thoughts

I’ve been asked several times today what I think of the new iPad Air.  Here’s my quick take:

The Good

  • Same screen size, less weight, and thinner. All good there.
  • Same battery life, which is amazing given it has less space for battery cells.
  • A7/M7 processors. Nearly twice as fast as before and with twice the graphics power, the latter of which is definitely needed to drive all those Retina pixels when rendering images.
  • Better Wi-Fi. Twice the speed (up to 300 Mbps) and better range.
  • No price change.  (I debated putting this in the next list)

The Bad

  • Since the dimensions have changed, existing accessories won’t fit, so new cases, sleeves, etc. will be needed unless run your iPads commando.
  • No Touch ID for fingerprint reading. This is deal breaker #1 for me.

The Ugly

  • No increase in memory for the base model. The smallest iPad Air is still 16GB as with previous models, and it costs $100 to get to 32GB. Obviously this is where that Apple cash horde comes from, because we know the actual cost is an order of magnitude less. Deal breaker #2.

Am I Buying?


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