iOS 6: Staying Focused on the Problem

On Monday at it’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference, Apple announced iOS 6, bristling with new features and updates. After a quick look through the release notes and API differences it’s clear, at least to this point in the post-Steve era, that Apple is staying focused. Everything in iOS 6 is about bringing users an even more delightful experience, and it will only get better when we have a new iPhone to run it on.

My apprentice staying highly focused.

But it’s the iOS apps, not iOS itself, that make the magic happen, and yet of the 650,000 apps in the App Store, Apple itself has written relatively few of them. It has been others recognizing the possibilities of how iPhone/iPad apps can solve problems or help people in meaningful ways that has made the platform a success.

While all of the cool new things in iOS6 that Apple is showing this week are exciting, it’s not the best part of the story. The real benefit will not come from the 200 new features we’ll get our hands on this fall – it will come from the thoughtful, practical application of those features in new apps that help people in new and interesting ways not previously possible. We need to stay focused on what iOS can do for others, not just what it can do for us.  Helping others is always a more worthwhile “problem” to solve.

Below are a few links to the highlights of iOS 6. Because of NDA restrictions, we can’t dig into the details here just yet, but as you look at the new features, realize that most of the new functionality you see will be available to developers. What new possibilities come to mind as you read about the new Maps app, social network integration, new Siri functionality, and all the rest? What problems could you solve? How could you make someone’s life better?

If you get an idea you’re excited about, let’s see if we can refine it, make it real, and make a positive impact on others. You can find me here, or on Twitter


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