5 Steps to a Successful Job Search

With a Little Effort, You Can Get a Job You Love

Searching for a job can be a frustrating and stressful experience, especially if you’re trying to do it the hard way. If you’re looking for jobs in the newspaper classifieds or posting your resume to Monster, Dice and all the rest, you are doing it the hard way. You may not believe this, but the best jobs usually aren’t in the newspaper or advertised online. By the time you see those, they’re often already filled positions. Why? Because companies always look internally first. Then they check their network of connections. Online job boards and newspaper adds are the last resort. The odds of you being able to respond in time are not good. All that happens is that your resume ends up in a recruiter’s database.


7 Secrets to a Great Resume

Is your resume working for you? Are you having trouble getting interviews? If not, I bet I know why. If you’re currently looking for a job, planning a job search anytime soon, or just want to update your resume, this information is for you. In my position I get to see a lot of resumes – dozens and dozens of them every year. I’m certain I missed hiring some very good people because their resumes simply did not represent them well at all. It troubles me because good people are hard to find, and so are good employers. When resumes fall short, both sides miss out.


Presenter’s Manifesto: Last Slide

The Presenter’s Manifesto series was born out of literally hundreds of bad experiences I’ve had as either a presenter or an audience member. The technical issues I’ve encountered are legion, and the presenter malpractice I’ve been subjected to has been so egregious and so maddening that I thought I could easily come up with 25 tips to improve things for both myself and the audience world in general.

King Kong

Presenter’s Manifesto: Bring Your Own Gear

Avoiding Embarrassment 101

When presenting on the road (a.k.a. an “away game”) Murphy’s Law rules supreme: when you really need your venue to supply <insert important thing> to do your presentation, the odds are good that you will be disappointed. So what to do? Tip 13, Bring Your Own Gear, recommends that we bring anything crucial to our presentation along with us to the venue.

Vintage gear - Don't bring one of these.

Vintage gear – Don’t bring one of these.

Presenter’s Manifesto: Animate With Purpose

Much like the villain Loki of Avengers fame, animations should be burdened with purpose. Perhaps not glorious purpose, but purpose nonetheless, because gratuitous animation wears out audiences quickly. Tip 11, Animate With Purpose, states that animations should be carefully chosen to help the audience better understand the information being presented.

Chuck Jones, my favorite animator, at work

Chuck Jones, my favorite animator, at work

Presenter’s Manifesto: Color Counts

Presentation malpractice takes many forms, one of which is color selection. Color selection is partly a matter of style and partly a matter of function. In Tip 10, Color Matters, we are concerned primarily about function, because unwise color choices can detract from our message and lead to a presentation that is difficult to view.

The Master at work

The Master at work.

Presenter’s Manifesto: Bullets Kill

When talking about gun laws, it is sometimes said that guns don’t kill people; people do. Regardless of where you stand on that issue, the physical reality is that it is in fact the bullet that makes contact and causes the damage. Tip 8 in the Presenter’s Manifesto states exactly that: Bullets Kill. And by that, we mean the text bullets on our slides. Too many bullets can kill our audience’s attention and render our presentation ineffective.

The Matrix - Copyright (C) Warner Bros

You too have the power to stop bullets. The Matrix – Copyright (C) Warner Bros