3 Steps to Keeping Your iPhone Organized

Downloading apps is big part of making your iPhone into a powerful, personalized productivity tool. But can you quickly find the app you’re looking when you’re in a hurry? How about even when you’re not in a hurry?

Here is a simple 3-step method to keep your iPhone organized for maximum productivity.

  1. Limit your home screen to 12 apps. No more, no less. This does not count the Springboard at the bottom of the screen. Put your 4 most used apps on the Springboard, and then pick 12 more of your most important “go-to” apps for the rest of the screen. Organize them in a way that makes sense, and then make yourself a promise to keep them in that order. Your brain will soon lock them into memory, and you’ll be able to find any of them lightning fast. Here’s how mine looks.  I’ve highlighted Springboard for clarity:
Just 12 plus the Springboard

Just 12 plus the Springboard

  1. Put everything else into groups. 12 or 16 groups per screen. I like 12 for consistency with the home screen. To put apps into groups, tap and hold on an app until it begins to wiggle, then drag it on top of another app to create a group. You can name the group however you like, and rename it as often as you wish. To delete a group, just drag all of the apps out of it, and it will simply disappear. Groups are limited to 12 items, but you can have multiple groups with the same name. As you can see below, I have multiple “Utilities” groups. I also create “Dust Pile” groups for apps I end up not liking or using very often. When it comes time to clean up the phone, those are the first victims to go.

App Group

A group for my reference apps

12 Groups of 12 Apps

12 Groups of 12 Apps

Dust Piles aren't just for bunnies!

Dust Piles aren’t just for bunnies!

  1. Use the Search Bar. Swiping right from the home screen brings up the Search Bar. Within just a few keystrokes (usually just 2 or 3 for me) you can find most any app on your iPhone in just a second or two.
Use the Search, Luke!

Use the Search, Luke!

Using this method also reduces the number of screens you need to page through when not using the Search Bar, since you can get up to 192 apps per screen (16 groups * 12 apps per group).

If you’ve been struggling to keep your iPhone organized, or would just like to find apps more quickly, I encourage you to give this method a try.

What other ways do you organize your iPhone?

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  1. I made a web app to group apps into folders by category. The option for 9 apps per folder allows you to see all apps in the folder.  http://iconstate.herokuapp.com/

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