DISC Personality Profiles

Knowing how you’re wired is the first step in finding meaningful work. The DISC personality profile can be completed quickly and the results are very easy to understand, giving you great insight into your personality and tendencies.

Click on the link above, then look for “Personality Profiles” on the right side of the menu bar.

Why You Should Care About Data Rot

When we back up our business or personal data files, we often think our job is done if our backup utility didn’t inform of us any problems. All is well with that part of our world, we think. But is it really?

Pumpkin - The only bunny of his kind

Data rot may not be a term you’re familiar with, but if most of your family photos are in digital format, you will want to become very familiar very quickly.

State of the Hosting Industry – 2014

Earlier this week, the hosting industry gathered in Miami for what is probably its most significant annual meeting of the minds. HostingCon is not an event that the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, and Google attend, but it is the place where the rest of the industry meets to freely discuss the state of market opportunities and exchange ideas on strategies to address them.

This year there were three major takeaways that you can use in your calculus as either a consumer or provider of hosting services.


Release Notes #53

#53 No Major Hiccups

Joe and Charles share some excellent advice and tips on putting up a new release in the App Store without jeopardizing your customer base.  Recommended listen for all serious indies.

Of note:

  • Using email to advise customers of a new release
  • New app vs. yet another update of the existing version
  • Charging customers a “second” time
  • How to notify users in-app that you have a new release available without annoying them.



The Compound Effect (Vanguard Press, 2011)

It’s not always obvious that we aren’t standing still.  We are always moving in either a positive or negative direction with the thoughts we have and the actions we perform every day.  The Compound Effect will open your eyes to how and why this factor has a major impact on the success of your personal, career, or business development.

A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Time to Change Your Passwords!

It’s probably fair to say that most New Year’s resolutions are not tech-related, but the incidents of hacker activity that seem to be hitting closer to home every day probably warrant a few, especially when it comes to passwords and PIN codes.

While you’re clearing the decks and getting reorganized for a new year, consider whether any of the following are true for you:

Practical Christmas Tech For Your Mobile Phone Friends

Most of us recognize the need for some sort of case for our mobile phones. It’s not a question of if we will drop our phones, but when, and onto or into what.

Often the choice ends up being a compromise between what we feel is enough protection vs. what won’t annoy us while we’re using the phone. This is especially true of the iPhone or any other touch-screen phone where finger gestures are involved.